Liberfield Capital’s Mission

Our mission is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns not correlated with general market performance. We specialize in alternative investments through a strongly diversified approach across both asset classes and geographic regions.

In a challenging environment with stretched public market valuations, we seek to shield our investors from general public market risk by pursuing opportunistic investments that meet our criteria. The following beliefs inform our fund’s decisions:

Inefficient Markets

We believe that trying to deliver consistent, superior alpha in today’s highly efficient public markets is not always a viable strategy. Consequently, while we do hold some some public equities, our main goal is to generate profits in less efficient markets, where our knowledge and skill can deliver better risk-adjusted returns.


Volatility and Risk Control

We believe market volatility, as well as social and political instability, may be a defining feature of the markets in the next decades. Consequently, we seek to design strategies that will either be sheltered from its impact, or significantly profit from it.

Global Approach

We believe growth in this century will come through increased exposure to non-domestic assets, especially in private assets in emerging and frontier markets. An emphasis on international investments also allows us to hedge USD risk and take advantage of global trends in markets with superior price structures.

Value In Trends

We work towards identifying how 21st century changes will affect different facets of life, and thus different asset classes. We seek to invest in overlooked opportunities that have the potential to benefit from the main social, political and economic shifts. At the same time, we may also act on opportunistic investments that may have been mispriced.