Liberfield Capital’s Expertise

Investors can access our strategy offerings via different structure and vehicle types, based on their investor type, liquidity profile and investment horizon. Our strategies emphasize volatility arbitrage, alternative real estate, and global opportunities.

Volatility Arbitrage

We seek to capitalize on inefficiencies in the pricing of volatility within equities, fixed income and commodities, in both domestic and international markets. While we mostly operate in the options and futures markets we may also trade related products to extract additional alpha from our volatility arbitrage. Our goal is to be able to take advantage of varying market conditions from a generally market-neutral perspective.

Alternative Real Estate

We seek to invest in opportunistic deals that reflect our view on real estate trends: Flexible spaces, remote working, digital nomads, co-living, tiny houses and commercial to residential conversions. We look for opportunities in all five continents, especially in attractive locations with both high appreciation and attractive cash flow potential.

Global Opportunity

We invest in private equity, venture capital and long/short equity strategies that meet our investment criteria. Our goal is to combine multi-asset diversification with broad international exposure to profit from global trends and hedge single-asset or regional risk.